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Have you ever requested a penetration test service and get hundreds of findings in a report called “Penetration test” listing vulnerabilities just detected by a scanning tool? Well, you are not the only one.

The problem is quite common, as many providers offer penetration testing that turns out to be vulnerability assessment. Our services will help you to protect your weakest areas and to empower your employees becoming the first line of defense.

Where shall I start?

Always start finding the weakest points, with a vulnerability assessment. We offer vulnerability assessments which will help to identify vulnerabilities in a network. It is the process through which we identify the weak points that could be exploited on your network, along with how important the associate threat really is. We conduct a thorough analysis to determine the attack surface that exposed, and correlates it with a risk value to determine your security posture.

Vulnerability assessments are more exhaustive than penetration testing because they take a holistic approach to analyze your overall security configuration, rather than focusing on attack vectors.

And then…

Security Awareness

You cannot think of cyber security only focussing on protecting your vulnerabilities, first and foremost your employees are the first line of defense. Investing in cyber security awareness is key for a successful security program. Our consultants will prepare a plan orientated to your specific cyber risks and in alignment with your business priorities.
How can you concretely protect your business if you don’t understand the extent to which you are exposed?

Pro-active approach to security

Too many organizations wait until they are actually compromised before implementing serious security measures. We offer a comprehensive approach to security and a full understanding of your exposure, along with a quantified and concrete list of risks, sorted by priority. Together with the management this approach enables your IT team to take the right measures in the most relevant order to protect your digital assets.

Difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

The key difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is the vulnerability coverage.

Vulnerability assessment focuses on uncovering as many security weaknesses as possible (breadth over depth approach). It should be employed on a regular basis to maintain a network’s secure status, especially when network changes are introduced (e.g., new equipment installed, services added, ports opened). Also, it will suit to organizations which are not security mature and want to know all possible security weaknesses.

Penetration testing, in its turn, is preferable, when the customer asserts that network security defenses are strong, but wants to check if they are hack-proof (depth over breadth approach).

These two operations – vulnerability assessment and penetration testing – are the activities that definitely should be carried out on a regular basis in any company that is interested in protecting their network from malicious access.
Vulnerability scanning identifies known vulnerabilities, lack of security controls, and common misconfigurations within systems on a network. Penetration testing simulates an attack to exploit weaknesses in order to prove the effectiveness of your network’s security. The main difference is that vulnerability assessments are used for both defensive and offensive cyber security strategies while penetration tests are offensive in nature.


Benefits of our services

Identify known security exposures before attackers find them.

Create an inventory of all the devices on the network, including purpose and system information. This also includes vulnerabilities associated with a specific device.

Create an inventory of all devices in the enterprise to help with the planning of upgrades and future assessments.

Define the level of risk that exists on the network.

Establish a business risk/benefit curve and optimize security investments.

Security awareness campaigns to train your employees to protect your company assets.

What do we offer?

Our process follows 6 steps:


Determine the hardware and software assets to assess and the criticality (quantifiable value) of these assets

Vulnerability Scan

Identification of the security vulnerabilities impacting the assets

Risk Scoring

Definition of quantifiable threat or risk score for each vulnerability

Remediation Actions

Define remediation actions to mitigate the highest risk vulnerabilities from the most valuable assets

Implement remediation Plan

Rescan Frecuently


Security Awareness

Because it is necessary to educate your users to avoid future security breaches

The key elements are to understand the vulnerabilities present in the environment, to respond accordingly with a remediation plan and to provide your employees the right education and awareness to become a human firewall

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